Breakfast in a hurry

Mornings are always a bit frenetic at my house.  I sleep-in until the very last minute and the husband can never leave soon enough(we commute together most days).  This combination makes for stressful mornings, so I do whatever I can to make the am more of a “grab and run.”  I started making a large portion of steel cut oats some time ago.  It preserves well and makes for a satisfying breakfast.

A double batch lasts five days between my husband and myself. I add eight cups of water to a pot and bring the water to boil. Once boiling, I add two cups of steel cut oats. Stir once and then wait until it comes back to a boil. Once it does, lower the heat to a simmer or a soft boil and stir occasionally.
Cook for twenty minutes or so(it’ll be thick but still runny).Take if off the heat and let sit until cool. 

Stir the water into the oats and pour it into a container where you can slice it into sections and refrigerate.

Ok, now you have breakfast for every morning of the week.  Scoop about a half a cup into a bowl or microwaveable container, add a little milk and heat in a microwave(30 seconds to a minute). Stir and add your goodies.  Mine will be a sliced banana, mixed, raw nuts and a sprinkle of dark chocolate. It’s a pretty delicious way to start my day, and I’m full for four hours plus. 

Note: I buy my organic, steel cut oats from my local co-op.  A 5 lb bag is around $9.00, and Amazon sells Bob’s Red Mill for about $18.77 for 6 lbs. Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats 

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  1. I love this idea! I always buy rolled oats because they’re quicker- didn’t know you could cook steel cut ahead of time and reheat.

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